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About Gemmoprice

Formally established in 2016, is an independent data collecting business aiming to empower diamonds and gemstones dealers and jewellery appraisers through comparison of auctions sales records, and to provide fact-based support for pricing diamonds and gemstones as an asset class.
The need to build a reliable source database to tackle problems such as valuing diamonds weighting more than 5 carats arose from a close collaboration with many world's leading appraisers and jewellery consultants who has valued important diamonds and gemstones weighing more than 100 carat.
After years of research and data collecting, the work has been organised and kept regularly updated in a series of databases. These dates can be fully sorted according to any particular requirement.

Gemmoprice is aiming to

Provide members a unique analytical tool and innovative commercial research.
Gemmoprice Introduces a method to analyse and compare diamonds (colourless and fancy colour) and precious gemstones prices.
We are striving to implement transparency, fair-trade and high ethical standards to the diamonds and gemstones wholesale and retail segments, as well as enhance consumer and retail confidence.